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heartatech.blogspot.com deals with experiences of the author with blogging in Blogger platform. If you are beginner in Blogger platform, this blog is going to help you in setting up your own blog in Blogger with great success. Blogger tutorials given in this blog will going to help all the newbie bloggers in the blogosphere to a great extent and will help them in designing their blogs for a better look. heartatech.blogspot.com also deals with new technologies(mobiles,tablets,gadgets etc) that fulfills our daily needs of our life.

heartatech.blogspot.com focuses on topics related to:
  • Blogging, 
  • SEO, 
  • Technology, 
  • Internet, 
  • Social Networking etc.
heartatech.blogspot.com is all about blogging, blogger tips, blogger tutorials, blogger widgets, SEO, technology, social networking, Internet, computer.

About The Author

Abhijit Doley, graduate in B.Tech(Information Technology), is the proud owner and editor of eBlogLive.
He is not an expert in blogging field but learnt a lot about blogging, the blogging tips and tricks.
Know About Him--->
  • Interests--------------------->      Computers, Cricket, Movies, Music, Cooking, Blogging.

  • Favourite Films------------->      The Dark Knight

  • Favourite Music Artists----->      One Direction, Taylor Swift
  • Books------------------------>      Three Mistakes of my life, Revolution 2020 ,Tech Magazines.

You can contact him anytime via Facebook or Google+.

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