Magic Number Trick In Facebook

Facebook is the number one social networking site. You all use this site to keep yourself in touch with your friends no matter how far they live. Facebook allows you to share status, photos, links, videos etc. You can even chat directly with your friends or you can send messages to them. Today I will discuss about the Magic number trick in Facebook. So I guess you all want to know what is magic number trick and how you can use this trick in Facebook.

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Download Torrent File By Using Google

Google is the answer of every queries for all internet users. We all know that Google is the most preferred search engine for maximum internet users. We can find any information through Google. You might have used Google to search and download files to your computer. You might have search torrent files through Google search engine. Today I am going to show you the easiest way to search and download .torrent files using Google.

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Copy Or Hide A File Inside An Image

Do you know you can hide files and folders in your computer without using any software? A simple trick will do this for you. Not only that, your files will be hidden inside an image.  Isn't it unique and amazing? Have you ever thought of hiding your secret files inside an image. No one would suspect that image file is hiding some other files too. The image will not only hide the files but also open in the Picture Viewer normally.

guess you want to know the whole procedure to do it. Just follow the steps given below and you will find it very much easy. Lets start it.

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