How To Verify Adsense Account Without PIN

Adsense is a good way to earn some money for bloggers and webmasters. Luckily I too got approved for Adsense. After earning $10 I got a message from them that my earnings are on hold and I have to verify my address via a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which they will mail me to my Payee profile address and I need to enter the PIN within my account.

Why I need to verify my account?
Google requires adsense account holders to verify their address before making payments to protect the security of account holders. Google take this step to confirm that the amount always reaches to the real account holder.

If Google Adsense PIN not recieved then how to verify the Address?
PIN typically arrive within 2-4 weeks to account holders address but may take longer depending on the location. Unfortunately I didn't receive the PIN from them, maybe because of my location. If first PIN fails to reach you, still you can request 2 additional replacement PINs. Even after requesting for 2nd and 3rd PIN, I never got any PIN from them.

So I googled and finally got the solution. Fortunately now all the hold on my Adsense account is permanently removed and all ads are working fine. I will show you how I verified my Adsense account without any PIN. You should only use this method after all 3 PIN fails to reach to your address.

You can verify your address with Adsense account by sending a scan copy of any address id proof that is recognisable and provided by your Govt. In my case I gave my PAN card and to my surprise within only few hours all the hold on my adsense account was lifted.

Here is the direct link-

Go to the above link and provide the details. Thats it.

Here is the reply I got from Adsense-

Thank you for sending your proof of identity.
I'm happy to let you know that this fulfills the address verification requirement for AdSense. You no
longer need to enter a PIN for this account.
The Google AdSense Team"

I Hope this helps you.

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