Free Aircel Unlimited 3G Trick February 2013

We are sharing here a trick by which you can use free unlimited Aircel 3G data usage. This trick is not a new one. Maybe some of you already know this trick and utilising free unlimited Aircel 3G data. This trick was working last year and still it is working absolutely fine. With the help of this trick you can enjoy unlimited 3G speed in a 2G Pocket Internet pack.  Read the whole instructions carefully.

  • First of all activate 3G service in your sim. If it is activated already then skip this step. To activate 3G, send "START 3G" to 121.
  • Now you can recharge your Aircel sim with any 2G Internet Pack. To use this trick of free 3G speed for a month, recharge with one month pocket internet pack.
  • Before using the Internet ,you need to configure the APN settings correctly in your phone or device. Normally you will get the settings via SMS from Aircel. You can also configure it manually.                 
      Profile Name : Aircel                                                                                                                            
      Access Point Or APN : aircelweb
  • Again now recharge your Aircel sim with any low cost 3G internet pack. Recharge with Rs. 8 or Rs. 18 internet pack.  You will get 50MB 3G data usage from Rs. 8 pack and 100MB 3G data usage from Rs. 18 pack.
  • Consume your 3G data completely. Wait for a day. From next day you will get free 3G speed everyday for one month.

Enjoy 3G speed in your 2G data pack!

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  1. Fantastic Aircel trick. I tried it and it worked.

  2. how many time this trick works.......???
    is it work in punjab??????

  3. Hi, is there any trick like this for postpaid sim?

    plz let me know.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes It is also work in bihar & Jharkhand.
      But the pack cost is different. see the
      For more detail.

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  6. I recharged with 128 with 500mb 3g data
    I consumed the 500mb 3g data and then speed was limited to 64kbps
    I recharged with rs 8 and got 60mb of 3g data
    Now everyday after 12 midnight I keep getting around 60mb of 3g data.

    Also I noticed that the bandwidth cap of 64kbps becomes 128kbps for the next 60mb after 3g data is consumed.

    Additionally the 2GB data cap on 128 recharge is also removed.

    Total spent 128 + 8
    3g data: 500mb one time + 60mb for 30 days
    2g data: 128kbps daily 60 mb thereafter at 64kbps no data cap

  7. what if i recharge with 23 and then with 98 ?
    23 30 Days 100MB 3G & 2G Internet usage
    98 28 Days 300MB 3G + 1GB 2G Internet usage
    will i get 300mb 3g data daily? thinking about giving it a try

    1. Give it a try and let us know...........

  8. bro after recharging with monthly 2g pack then should we recharge directly with a small 3g pack or we have to use some data first and then recharge with a small 3g data pack??

  9. please Reliance Tricks
    im wait for your reply

  10. Hi
    Can I Recharge with Rs. 251 (Unlimited 2G Pack) and then with lowest 3G pack to get 3G Speed for the period of validity same as that of Rs. 251 pack?
    If I do recharge with 2 packs on same day will it remove the 1st recharged offer?
    Plz any one help..