How To Find MAC Address Of Android Mobile/Tablet For Wi-Fi Access

If you don't know how to get MAC address of your Android mobile or tablet then I guess your are in a right place as I am here to guide you. Many of you use your Android mobile or tablet to connect to Internet using wi-fi. To improve your wi-fi network security you want to enable MAC address filtering. But if you have enabled MAC address filtering in your router then you need to provide your MAC address of your Android device. So you need to get the MAC address of your device to keep accessing Internet safely. Now we will not go more deeper and lets talk about the procedure to get the MAC address of your Android device.

Just follow the steps given below to find the MAC address of your Android mobile or Tablet :-

1. From the Android Home Screen, click the Menu Button and then go to Settings.

2. From the Settings Page, scroll down to bottom of the page. There you will find About Phone/Tablet section and open it.

3. Now select Status section on the About Phone/Tablet page.

4. You can find your device's MAC address from the Wi-Fi MAC address section. Note it down.

Now you can enter the MAC address of your Android device on the MAC address Filtering page of your Wi-Fi router. After entering everything correctly you are ready to access the Internet. So I think you found it very easy to get the MAC address of your Android Phone/Tablet.

If you have any query then just write it in our comment box. I will be pleased to answer your queries.


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  2. great post . thanks for providing such important information about MAC Address

  3. I need mac address in this phone

  4. actually i have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and its showing a BLank Mac ADDRESS in the settings that you have emntioned above what shouldi do ..??

    1. Try this-

      a)Press the Menu key and select Settings.
      b)Select Wireless & networks, and then Wi-Fi Settings.
      c)Press the Menu key again and choose Advanced.

      MAC address should be visible there

  5. i have a lenovo p770. I'm follow your steps to operate it. I hope to succeed.

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  7. Thank you so name is worked ..i found it using the advanced method...thank you.

  8. worked perfectly well

  9. i have a reliance tab but the wi fi and the internet is not working on it. It shows wrong mac address.
    pl help...

  10. Hi,

    please is there a way to retrieve the MAC adress of a stolen sgs2 smartphone?

    I have only the IMEI number mentionned on the box, trying to contact samsung but they said they don't have this info,


  11. You can also see Wi-Fi Mac address of your android device using these two simple steps . First on the Home screen, tap the Menu key go to Settings and second step scroll down and tap About Tablet then tap Status and then scroll down to view Wi-Fi Mac address.

    Silvester Norman

    Change Mac Address

  12. I am using a motorola xoom mz601 (android). i followed your instructions but under "Wifi-MAC address" it says "unavailable". i dont know what to do now coz the MAC address is unavailable

  13. It works, I find my MAC ID, thank you :)