Use Mobile Phone To Connect Internet In Your Micromax Funbook Tablet

Hello guys, I know many of you are facing problem in connecting internet in your Micromax Funbook tablet using dongle. For all those guys who are facing problem in connecting their dongle to Micromax Funbook for surfing internet I am here to help you with an alternative solution. You can use your mobile phone and connect it with your Funbook for surfing internet in your Funbook.

If you are having Android phone with wi-fi connectivity feature then you can make use of wi-fi tethering facility available in the phone, turn it on and connect your funbook with your mobile. For other mobile phone users having wi-fi facility but no wi-fi tethering facility there are many applications available. One such application named joikuspot works fine in nokia symbian mobiles and that turn nokia symbian phone into wi-fi hotspot .

Steps To Follow To Use Android Mobile Phone To Connect Internet In Your Micromax Funbook Tablet  :-

1) In your phone - Go To Settings > Wireless and networks > Tethering and portable hotspot.

2) Check Portable Wi-fi hotspot to turn it on.

3) Now in your Funbook - search Wi-fi network and connect.

4) Now open your browser and surf the internet.

This was the procedure of connecting Micromax Funbook tablet with android mobile phones for using internet in Micromax Funbook. This will work on other tablets also other than Funbook. If you are having some other mobile phone you have to download available application of wi-fi tethering and follow the instructions given in the user manual that comes with the application.

Hoping that this post will help you :)
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  1. hey ben blr, follow step 1&2 in ur xperia mobile phone, not in ur micromax tab.