Gangnam Style On Facebook Chat

Gangnam style is a Korean pop single by South Korean Rapper PSY. After few days of its release the video of Gangnam Style went viral on the internet. It also became the most watched video on Youtube surpassing Justin Bieber's single "Baby". Facebook being the number# 1 social networking site (1 billion subscribers) and number# 2 website according to alexa ranking it was obvious that Gangnam style was one of the trending topic on Facebook. Facebook too helped to a great extent in the promoton of that video.

You talked about Gangman Style on facebook. Many of you shared original Gangnam Style video and even various parody videos in your timeline during its viral period. In our last post you have seen new and amazing facebook emoticons of 2013. Today we are giving you another emoticon for facebook chat. This one is the Gangnam Style emoticon for facebook.

You can completely make your friends suprised by showing this emoticon on Facebook chat box to them. We hope that you will like it.


1) Copy The Code given below.

[[490550790968952]] [[490550800968951]] [[490550807635617]]
[[490550820968949]] [[490550837635614]] [[490550847635613]]
[[490550857635612]] [[490550867635611]] [[490550877635610]]
[[490550884302276]] [[490550894302275]] [[490550900968941]]
[[490550914302273]] [[490550924302272]] [[490550937635604]]
[[490550947635603]] [[490550954302269]] [[490550967635601]]

2) Now log in to your Facebook account. Go to your Facebook Chat Box.

3) Choose your friend from the chat list. Paste the code in the Facebook chat box And hit enter.

Please note that this trick works on Facebook Chat box only. It will not work on Facebook status or comment box.

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